A smart, agile, collaborative, results-oriented platform empowered by a global team of experts to provide detailed insight and KPI to your project optimization

Capital Projects Delivery

How to spend money efficiently

Main stakeholders have the responsibility to make the right decisions:

  • Financial institutions are profiling their risks
  • CEO’s and Executive Boards want to be guided in their decision by data, predictable outcomes and how the best in class within the industry execute
  • CFO’s need to control Working Capital, CAPEX and Free Cash Flow
  • COO’s must maintain OPEX at a competitive level through CAPEX driven by growth and efficiency, resulting in sustainable plant depreciation and competitive conversion cost

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We focus on construction industry disruptions and help support clients’ decision processes for public agencies, financial institutions, owners and key supply chain contributors

Efficient Workflow

We increase project efficiency by identifying opportunities for reduction of lead time and more efficient project organizations

Project Management

“Most of the assessment gate review systems are generic.
Our methodology is unique: using the <InConcreto> toolbox our consultants can identify the specific critical breakers/makers of a project and establish the right KPIs to be tracked in order to focus client efforts on the major issues”


We develop an inclusive ecosystem embedding all key stakeholders: public and educational institutions, investors, entrepreneurs, supply chain contributors (i.e. contractors, suppliers) and contribute to the future of the industry.
“We deliver our expertise to improve predictability and profitability of projects”

Customer Stories

<InConcreto> anticipates the capital projects market evolution and is perfectly positioned to support any stakeholder decision process


We are part of the global crowd-sourcing consultancy world and referenced as the capital projects expert

The need for Capital Efficiency

The Construction industry is the biggest in the world, and yet, even outside of crises, it is not performing well.  Inefficiencies, overruns, delays and quality issues are common for the industry which represents 13 percent of global GDP

Data Science

“Avoid surprises – Capital Project outcomes must be predictable and financially driven with a return on investment linked to technology obsolescence “

Reduce project risk

Increasing complexity of projects and continuous disruption creates uncertainty for capital investments

Benchmarked Projects

Fact based decision making, higher demand for simplified and digital interactions
Increasing sustainability requirements and demands for safety performance

Quality Ratings

Ratings support compliance and gate reviews

Project analytics

Connect the design and construction value chain to improve performance, quality and accelerate the project delivery

Critical Activities Identification

Program Management Office (PMO)

Hours Modeling


KPIs Selection

Training & Coaching

Delivery digital twin


Our Value: We help our clients maximize returns on capital investments and speed up time to market

Creating value by reinventing the core together

The Value of INCONCRETO safe and sustainable capital project efficiency

Our methodology applied to capital projects efficiency prosperity and progress without compromising on future of planet

Endless Benefits with INCONCRETO

  • We are a unique team of Senior Partners that can improve predictable outcomes and steer profitability on CAPEX/OPEX project investments
  • We quantify, assess and share our expertise to drive your organization to the right decisions
  • We provide a unique platform combining digitization, ratings and consultancy
  • Join our Ecosystem

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