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Introducing the ICCP Survey & Ratings Platform Flyer:

Revolutionizing Capital Project Management

Are you tired of constantly falling short of your capital project goals?
Are you looking for a comprehensive, predictable, and actionable assessment of your project to enhance business predictability, control costs, and maintain competitive advantage?
Look no further than the ICCP surveying and rating platform from INCONCRETO.

ICCP Survey & Ratings Platform Flyer:

  • ICCP (InConcreto Capex Performance) is a unique surveying IT platform that rates your project and your organizational capability in managing capital projects.
  • The ICCP surveying tool helps investors to achieve their goals via a structured multidimensional survey assessing the level of capital project definition and the capability of the organization in deploying capital projects on 12 distinctive project dimensions.
  • Benefits of using ICCP surveying platform include: more than 100 years of combined experience in managing complex capital projects in various industry sectors to rate your projects, a capital projects performance index that serves as an actionable reference standard for various industry sectors, benchmarking your results and performances against the best in class in the industry, identification of improvement actions that will help drive both focused and continuous improvement of capital projects management processes, and aid decision making for M&A investments.
  • The survey is structured around 12 project dimensions: Scope, Time, Cost, Organization, Quality, Safety, Funding, Supply chain/Procurement, Context, ESG, Digitalization, and Cybersecurity.
  • The ICCP surveying tool includes two questionnaires that assess organizational capability to deliver projects and project life cycle and maturity assessment scores.
  • An automatic report is generated that provides insights into company strengths and weaknesses in each project dimension and suggests subject matter experts and senior consultants from INCONCRETO for specific areas of improvement.

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5-step scorecard

  1. Organizational & context 
  2. Capital expenditure profiling 
  3. Project definition index
  4. Risks mapping 
  5. Overall Project delivery efficiency index (based on the 4 scorecards above)

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  • Sustainability in project delivery

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