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Angela Macke Ferreira

Consultant – BRAZIL


Over 25 years  on Project Management in several strategic areas, such as, nutrition, facilities, process engineering, safety and security, energy, supply chain, environmental and marketing. Managing projects from US$10MM to US$50MM. Proficient in Project management methodologies, FEL (Front End Loading – Dupont), PMI (Project Management Institute) and Six Sigma. 


  •  Act on Strategic, Tactic and Operational levels  from PMO standpoint conecting business needs to capital projects 

  • Comprehensive view of requirements during all phases of a project from Front End Loading through construction, startup and steady operation of a new manufacturing unit/ Offices and lLaboratories implementation 

  • Cutting edge knowledge on HPB (High Performance Buildings), developing and transformating Industries real estate 

Focus Areas

  • Capital Project Management: Tools, practice, planning &execution. 
  • Value Engineering & Constructability 
  • HPB (High Performance Building Implementation) 
  • LEED® and WELL® Certification 
  • Maintenance and Reliability 
  • Due Diligence & Expert Services 

What I can do for you

  • Manage large projects, planning and implementing, through  the Front End Loading Methodology, effectively delivering a project on schedule and costwise 
  • Assist with project assesement tools as Value Engineering and Constructability 
  • Develop and manage execution of the HPB assessment and implementation plan for a new or existing  facility, reducing operational costs, saving water & energy impacting ESG reports positively  
  • Implementing WELL ® practices increasing productivity  and creating  a brand story that will boost the company’s reputation 

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