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Jacques Bourgon

Consultant – FRANCE


Jacques Bourgon has amassed extensive experience spanning 39 years across various industries, including nuclear fuels, cement manufacturing, and pharmaceutical and biotechnological production processes.

His invaluable expertise lies in global engineering, international project management, energy, and providing comprehensive global insights to operations. Jacques has a rich professional background, having worked for subsidiaries of Framatome-Cogema, Holcim Global, and Sanofi Global. During his career, he spent 25 years working abroad in Spain, Mexico, and Switzerland.

Jacques successfully managed large CAPEX projects on a global scale and concluded his career at Sanofi at the end of 2021. Presently, he offers consulting services and imparts knowledge as a faculty member teaching International Project Management at the European Business School of Paris. Fluent in French, English, Spanish, and German, Jacques brings a multilingual dimension to his professional repertoire.


  • Expertise in international project management, from definition and planning phases to execution and commissioning
  • Experience in contracting services and claim prevention and resolution
  • Optimizing industrial resources across global organizations
  • Energy management and GHG emission reduction, energy mix and risk mitigation
  • Implementing good maintenance management practices

Focus Areas

  • Design safety and construction quality management 
  • Energy management and GHG emissions reduction, energy mix and risk mitigation 
  • Value driven maintenance management 
  • Mining and heavy industry, nuclear and pharmaceutical

What I can do for you

  • Assess feasibility/profitability/risks
  • Review projects prior to Management approval
  • Integrate projects’ Steering Committees to provide independent expert opinion
  • Conduct project or organizational audits and due diligence
  • Develop projects portfolio management across large organizations
  • Assist energy sector’s start-ups and companies in shaping their offers to customers

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