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Jean-Pierre Barbeau

Consultant – FRANCE


Jean Pierre Barbeau has accumulated over 30 years of industry experience serving the energy, cement, and real estate sectors. His expertise spans project delivery (from initiation to commissioning), operations, supply chain management, maintenance, and dismantling activities. He has had the privilege of being appointed twice by the French Prime Minister as a Special Counselor for French Foreign Trade. Furthermore, Jean-Pierre is recognized as the representative speaker for international institutions such as the United Nations e.g. the Atomic International Agency, actively representing France. Jean-Pierre played a pivotal role in a significant nuclear power plant project in Finland (OL3 EPR), valued at 12 billion euros. As part of this endeavour, he successfully managed a diverse team comprising 550 professionals from 32 countries, operating with a professional services budget exceeding 250 million euros


  • Regulated industries
  • CAPEX & OPEX programmes management
  • Large and complex investments programmes
  • Technology transfer

Focus Areas

  • Industrial excellency & delivery International
  • Intercultural project management
  • Entrepreneurial spirit & management
  • High Tech – Energy – Cement – Construction

What I can do for you

  • Risk Management, incl. detect early issues to adjust ASAP, thus securing QCD – Quality – Cost Delay.

  • As Executive Coach for ExComm’s, CEO’s : help focus on Main Goals

  • Negociator & crisis management, align all stakeholders to win-win

  • Conduct project reviews, strategical audits, recommandations, 

  • Conduct gate keeping

  • Conduct due diligence for acquisitions, project financiers & owners

  • Anticipation / Debottlneck / lean approach

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